Permanent Account Number (PAN)Permanent Account Number (PAN) is unique identifiable alphanumeric combination which is issued by Indian Income Tax Department under the supervision of the Central more.. The PAN card is an important document mainly for the purpose of Income tax.

Documents for applying for PAN Card
As specified under Rule 114 of Income Tax Department, there are certain documents that you must attach with your application for PAN card. These documents are:

Identity Proof
Name on which, should match the name provided by you in application form. It can be Passport, Voter card, Driving license, High School certificate, Depository Account, Bank Account, Ration card, water bill, property tax assessment order or Identity certificate duly signed by a MP/MLA/MC/ Gazetted Officer.

Address Proof
It should also match the address furnished by you on application form. The same documents as required for identity proof can be submitted for address proof. Telephone bill, rent receipt, and employer’s certificate can also be submitted apart from these documents.

How To Apply For PAN CARD

  1. You can apply for PAN card either online or through physical application form which must be submitted at the UTIITSL address in Chandigarh mentioned above. Online application must be filed on website
  2. Before filing application, it must be duly completed in all respects. Pay complete attention to fill required mandatory fields like PIN code, full name, and address. Also attach all necessary documents with your application.
  3. While filing online application, on submitting the form, an acknowledgement with your name will be generated.
  4. This acknowledgement duly filled and attached with documents, affixed with a recent photograph and demand draft, if any, must be sent to the designated address through courier or speed post.
  5. Within 15 days from receipt of this application, your PAN card will be dispatched by Chandigarh UTIITSL office.